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In the vibrant heart of Riyadh, under the visionary banner of the Saudi Esports Federation (SEF), the gaming world witnessed an unprecedented phenomenon — Gamers8 2023. It was an immersive journey combining high-class esports tournaments, entertainment, and concerts. Spread over 8 weeks at Riyadh Boulevard, this colossal gaming fiesta became a beacon for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

hala partners joined forces with SEF to onboard and manage commercial partners for this gaming extravaganza that lit up the Riyadh summer with an unparalleled spectacle.

Event Highlights

  1. The World’s Biggest Gaming Event: Gamers8 2023 proudly claimed the title of the world’s biggest gaming event, setting the stage for a gaming revolution.
  2. A Fusion of Entertainment: Beyond esports, the event blended entertainment seamlessly, featuring 8 MDL Best music concerts with 33 artists, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
  3. B2B Summit – The Next World Forum: The second edition of the B2B Summit, the Next World Forum, brought together visionaries and industry leaders to chart the future of gaming.
  4. Innovative Fan Zones: 14 fan zones adorned Riyadh Boulevard, offering visitors immersive experiences and activities, turning every corner into a realm of gaming wonder.
  5. International Competitions: Gamers8 2023 hosted 11 international competitions, attracting elite players and teams from around the globe.
  6. Record-Breaking Prize Pool: With a staggering USD 45 million+ prize pool, Gamers8 2023 set a new standard, becoming the stage for intense competition and life-changing rewards.


By the Numbers: Gamers8 2023 in Statistics

    • 2.77 Million Total Visitors: A testament to the event’s global draw and the vibrant gaming community.

    • 1.31 Billion Total Viewership: Streaming the excitement to every corner of the globe.

    • 13,000 Total Activations: Engaging experiences that brought the gaming narrative to life.

    • 1,355 Elite Players / 334 Teams: A gathering of gaming’s finest talents.

    • 20 Tournaments: A diverse gaming landscape that catered to every interest.

    • 4.7k Educational Classes Attended: Nurturing the next generation of gamers.

Partnership Program Triumph

hala partners, in their role as architects of partnerships, brought onboard and managed a stellar lineup of partners for GAMERS8 2023.

Strategic Partner:

    • Dr Sulaiman Al Habib: A visionary partnership contributing to the event’s success.

Main Partners:

    • Pepsi Max: Refreshing the gaming experience.

    • Aquafina: Hydrating the gaming spirit.

    • Rockstar Energy Drink: Fueling the energy of esports.

    • Doritos: Adding a crunchy twist to the gaming delight.

Official Supplier:

    • Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences: Providing a luxurious stay for the gaming elite.


Gamers8 2023 transcended the boundaries of a traditional gaming event. It became a cultural phenomenon, a testament to the power of partnerships in shaping the narrative of the gaming world. As the echoes of competitions and cheers linger, Gamers8 2023 stands not just as an event but as a milestone, leaving an indelible mark on the global gaming stage.


In the dazzling heart of Dubai, at the W Hotel, The Palm, sport360x, in collaboration with hala partners, unveiled the Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) 2021—an event that transcended the ordinary, celebrating the luminaries, decision-makers, and organizations shaping the sporting landscape in the Middle East. Delivered as hala partners, the partnership sales arm, SPIA 2021 brought together a constellation of leaders, both on and off the field.

Setting the Stage: The SPIA Experience

SPIA 2021 wasn’t just an event; it was the pulse of the Middle East’s sporting prowess, an annual celebration honoring those who contributed significantly to the region’s sporting development over the past 12 months. This one-day extravaganza unfolded as a dynamic conference, a melting pot of ideas, and a grand stage for recognizing excellence.

Chronicles of SPIA 2021: A Day in Sporting Brilliance

  1. Cocktail Reception: The journey began with a lively cocktail reception, setting the tone for an evening of networking, camaraderie, and celebration.
  2. Conference with Guest Speakers: Visionaries and thought leaders took the stage, sharing insights and shaping the discourse on the future of sports in the Middle East.
  3. Awards Ceremony: The highlight of the event—a moment of recognition, applauding the leaders, rights holders, and organizations that left an indelible mark on the sporting landscape.
  4. After Party: The celebration extended into the night, as athletes, executives, and enthusiasts came together to revel in the success and promise of the Middle East’s sporting future.

By the Numbers: SPIA 2021 in Statistics

  • 100+ Companies: A testament to the diversity and vibrancy of the sporting ecosystem in the Middle East.
  • 200+ Attendees: A gathering of influencers, decision-makers, and enthusiasts, converging to celebrate sporting excellence.
  • 20+ Awards Categories: Recognizing achievements across a spectrum of sporting endeavors.
  • 72% Male Attendees: Reflecting the dynamic participation of men in the sporting landscape.
  • 45% Senior Management Positions: An event where decisions and strategies for the future of sports were crafted.

Partnership Sales Triumph: TikTok as the Presenting Partner

Under the strategic guidance of hala partners, SPIA 2021 secured TikTok as the presenting partner, marking a significant collaboration that added a digital flair to the celebration. TikTok’s presence not only elevated the event’s stature but also aligned it with the cutting edge of digital innovation.


SPIA 2021, through the partnership sales brilliance of hala partners and the support of presenting partner TikTok, transcended its role as an awards ceremony. It became a beacon, illuminating the path to a future where sports are not just played but celebrated, recognized, and woven into the fabric of Middle Eastern identity.

As the echoes of applause and the memories of SPIA 2021 linger, it stands as a testament to the power of partnerships in elevating sporting events beyond the ordinary, making them moments etched in the history and future of Middle Eastern sports.